National Nursing Agency

Lee demonstrated a real understanding of our requirements as an employment agency along with the specifications of our clients within the mental health sector.

The level of training delivered by Calming Ways has been such a success that Lee was invited to present to one of our biggest clients where he demonstrated his skills, this client in turn adopted some of Calming Ways techniques.

We have been operating since 2004 whereby many trainers in this field have provided sessions. Without doubt Calming Ways has by far been the front runner in these courses with excellent feedback from every session from all who attended, in fact so much so all sessions are over prescribed.

Mental Health Hospital, Clinical Nurse Manager

Thank you for arranging the meeting with your physical interventions trainer Lee Moore. We had a very productive conversation and I am satisfied that he shares the same ideals as to how challenging patients are managed.

He appears to have a similar philosophy on least restrictive practice as a first line approach and using of physical interventions as a last resort.  He was kind enough to share the training itinerary with me which I found useful.


Registered Mental Health Nurse

Just a quick email to pass on some FANTASTIC feedback from the session you delivered here on Wednesday 27th …..

The general feedback was great, as it always is, but in particular Mr William Simoes, RMN  had called to inform Gary that “it was by far the best training he has had in all his years of nursing”  that “you really get onto the level of each candidate, be it care assistant, support worker or qualified nurse”  he went on to say that you make it feel as if it is you that is in the situation of each scenario and goes on to say he will happily attend any session that we run that is delivered by yourself….. sorry I think he actually said he would only attend if delivered by you.

Support Worker

I just wanted to say how useful your training was to me because on my first shift at xxx xxx hospital on my first day within the first hour of the shift I was attacked by a disassociated patient with multiple personality disorder grabbing me by the throat. Obviously I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon into my first shift on my first day but using the techniques learnt in your class allowed me to very quickly break away and safely restrain the patient with no injury to either myself or the patient. The techniques were very effective and the situation was under control in seconds. I just hope it wasn't beginner's luck hehe. The staff & nurses were impressed with my actions so I have you to thank for that. I hope I don't have to use restraint but I feel equipped with the knowledge and techniques should I have to. Thanks for the link. I will read it on my day off. 

Law graduate and Mental Health Nurse

Thank you for bringing what I call " The best of the cream" I have attended many training of the same nature however this was outstanding. The course was quite simply fun, precise and backed up with rich current evidence. The trainer not only covered PMVA but rather equipped agency staff with useful knowledge and advice.

I have a degree in Law and always been sceptical and almost negative about how law operates, however after the training I came out with a different view and new mindset about law especially concerning our profession. What was more interesting the training was the same as the NHS one I attended a month before so backed up by a mega organisation like the NHS. When I went home I started paging through my law books and everything Lee said was there.

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