Courses Delivered

Positive Intervention Training

Usually a 2 or 3 day course depending on certain factors. This course is designed  for situations where there is a possibility of mild to extreme challenging behaviour. Course content to mainly include: Legislation & Guidance, De-escalation Techniques, Positional Asphyxia Training, Techniques not to use, Case studies of restraint related death's, Breakaway Techniques and Holding Skills and much more. A full course content is available on request. This course is very much inline with Legislation and the 2014 DoH Positive & Proactive Care Government Guidance.

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Breakaway Training

1 day course concentrating on disengagement techniques, De-escalation and legislation. Usually aimed at EMI units etc. The emphasis being on staying calm and being aware of the patients weaknesses and vulnerability within  such a situation 

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Mental Health Training

1 day course concentrating on understanding Mental Health and being a positive influence  to patients suffering mental health issues. Content being: what is mental health, different conditions, examining depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, personality disorders, self injurious behaviour and much more.

Autism & Learning Disability Awareness Training is also available 

Ligature & Self Injurious Behaviour Training 

This course outlines the different types of self injurious behaviour and how best to deal with patients, using a variety of De-escalation skills also this course includes how to use ligature cutters as taught to NHS staff

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Mandatory & Statutory Training (Skills for Health aligned)

1 day course covering all the Mandatory & Statutory subjects 

Subjects included are:

Health, Safety & Welfare Inc COSHH

Fire Safety 

Infection, Prevention & Control   CSTF LEVEL 2

Food Safety

Information Governance & Data Security 

Safeguarding Adults  CSTF LEVEL 2

Safeguarding Children  CSTF LEVEL 2

Equality, Diversity & Human Rights 

Mental Capacity Act / DoLS

Resuscitation, Basic Life Support  CSTF LEVEL 2

Moving  & Handling  CSTF LEVEL 2  ( Practical & Theory  BVS DVDs )

Conflict Resolution Training 

Preventing Radicalisation  CSTF LEVEL 3  PREVENT AWARENESS 

Mapping tool & declaration available 

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Handcuff Training

A half day course concentrating on the use of handcuffs, medical implications, risk assessments, the laws relating to the use of handcuffs, different handcuffing methods and much more. Full course content is available on request 

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Bespoke Training

I offer bespoke training for all of my courses to suit your needs and the number of people attending. 

I also deliver BLS, AED, First Aid at Work ( FAW ), Emergency First Aid at Work ( EFAW ), Paediatric First Aid

1 & 2 day courses. Please email or phone for details 

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