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Positive Intervention Training

I teach staff PMVA ( Prevention & Management of Violence & Aggression) who work with challenging behaviour within mental health, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other fields. I deliver training for national nursing agencies,  international mental health hospitals to local government and more.

My training emphasises on De-escalating situations, looking at the different stages of a patient going into crisis from anxiety to tension reduction and staff responses from supportive to therapeutic rapport. 

Physical  intervention should only be used as an absolute last resort. I pride myself on being extremely knowledgeable in understanding a patient in crisis and how best to eleviate this tension, for example listening, distraction & refocusing techniques and much more.  

Legislation and Guidance should be our guiding light and I ensure that all of my training is based upon these values. Every delegate on my courses receive  over 26 PDFs relating to mental health, restraint, restraint related death's, autism, learning disabilities, legislation, guidance by government, NICE, BILD & MIND and much much more plus ongoing support.

Calming Ways PMVA Training & Conflict Resolution Training 


Legislation & Guidance

My courses always begin with equipping delegates with the necessary Legislation & Guidance surrounding physical intervention, to list a few:

The Criminal Law Act 1967 s3.1

Common Law

Corporate Manslaughter & Corporate Homicide Act 2007

The Criminal Justice & Immigration Act 2008

The Mental Capacity Act 2005, 2007

DoLS 2009

Human Rights Act 1998

Children Act 1989

Use of Restraint Policy Under 18s in Secure Estate, MOJ

NG10 & NG11 NICE Guidance 

Guidance from MIND and BILD

Health & Safety Laws

Positive & Proactive Care 2014 DoH 


Lee Moore, Director & National Trainer

I am a fully Qualified, Certified & Accredited Instructor in different disciplines of Physical Intervention.

I am fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

Delivering legally accurate training is a passion stemming from my time working with vulnerable people. I became a trainer due to the bad practices that  I witnessed from staff. Sadly these practices are usually passed on from bad training. I have many testimonials from companies and individuals I've trained.

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